Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yummy Eats 2013 at NBC Tent!

It's my first time to attend Yummy Eats though it has been on the run few years back.  It's a food tasting and cooking fair  organized by Yummy magazine presenting the sample dishes of our very own aspiring concessionaires. I love tasting events and no wonder I've enjoyed this one, too!


On the weird side, the event started so early at 10:00 am.  Since I don't want them to know that I'm very excited, we got there by 2:00 pm and look how packed this place is! I so love the crowd but at some point I'm hating them for creating such long lines over food booths.=P


Entrance Fee is only P200 and they would give you your kit: A plate and Food Stamp notebook/Pass. As I'm already a champion with this kind of event, I know that each time a stall would give you their sample product, you have to let them stamp your pass as a proof that you've tasted their food already.


My only food buddies of the day:


I love the number of the  concessionaires but as usual, desserts are the most abundant. The bad thing about that is you won't be able to taste them well, appreciate and know the edge of one product from another because your taste buds are making them all taste the same.

Anyways, let me share with you, guys some of what we've tried or managed to try.=)

My personal favorite is the Schmidt's Hotdog sandwich. Will try Jap Hotdog Sandwiches next time!


These are from EAT MY GF. Loved this one, too!


From Carlo's Kitchen. How I wish they would provide a little bit more because I couldn't catch the taste  from a small piece of this.


My little bro being dissected. From Pepita's Lechon. What they presented was just ok but I love their sisig lechon from their previous joining.


Fresh Vietnamese Rolls in the making!


Check this out from the Bayan Brew Team! Yummy and refreshing!



I forgot what these delicious balls are called but they are well matched with the Aeta Organics Sauce


I've tried these for a change. =/



Not a fan but blended coffee, anyone?


Fish and Chips as it is from Chuck's Grub


Another favorite! Mochiko's new blueberry and strawberry cheesecake flavors!


Hella from Rawlicious was good and very healthy at the same time!


I'm a chuckie baby but I would say yes for Chocolait's super sale! P76 for two!!


If I can pick you up from your free sample for this.=(


Oh sweets! I'm sorry that I forgot the names of the products and the corresponding participants. I know that the main purpose of these are for advertisement and to launch their products to the public. Tried to help, though by putting this up.


Magnolia's Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Flavors. Was hoping for the butterscotch cos I'm from IloIlo.


The very active Merry Moo.=)


At least 3 participants offered French Macaroons..Haven't tried any.


Cupcakes, cakes and lots of sweets for everyone!







I'd like to give credits to Jam Tapas and King Sue Sausages because I liked them too but I have not provided pictures..Sorry.

Thanks Yummy for this event! The official hashtag #yummyeats2013




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Rochelle Kawasaki-Rivera said...

Thanks for sharing! I googled about this event because I really want to go but wasn't able to. I will definitely be as early as before 10am next year. Lol!

Much love,

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