Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Cream Puff!

Cream puffs are one of my favorite desserts.My Tatay introduced it to my Sister and I when we were little..He would buy cream puffs from their cafeteria and we would be waiting for him from his work just for that.=)

Although there are a lot of versions that sprout from time to time, still, classics reign like beard papa's and this one..The Happy Cream Puff.


Though not known that much, Happy Cream puff has branches in Makati and other areas.Stores are quite small cause Cream puffs are the "pasalubong-type" so people come and go at the store.


Singles go from P20-40. The Eclair which is a best-seller starts at P35.We bought the Box of 14(P250) and there's also a box of 10 for P180.


I love the simple taste of the filling..Not too sweet and the happy cream puff branch near Makati Med is generous when it comes to the cream filling.=)

I'm taking advantage with these free days. I never thought that I'd appreciate it much..Every minute of my day-off is special!hahaha!This is a Happy Cream Puff day with Mimi.=p


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