Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barbara's: 100% Filipino Pride!

Barbara's is one of the restaurants I least expect to have fun and appreciate at all. In fact, I don't even know it though it's just blocks away from our university.Ei!don't think too much bout my ignorance.=)


I was into groupons that everyday I check their latest offers and BOOM! I found this deal at Barbara's. I called my friend Dawn and told her about it and she made it easy for me because she's the one who paid our transaction at the bank.Thanks Friend!Mabuhay ka!It was me,dawn,issa and Mei who enjoyed the deal for P250 only(worth P500).


The place was boldly Filipino. The classic ancestral type which has the power to turn back time and make you feel that you and Rizal were just like "amigos". Most of the guests were Foreigners and you could see that they're really amazed by our culture especially when the performers danced our own cultural dances.


My friends getting so excited to go upstairs leaving me at the entrance.So sweet!=p


Never thought that my first deal at groupons would be this great!Foods were at limited choices but you can never go wrong with all of it!My favorite was the grilled bacalao. The fish was tender and juicy!There's also adobo, Pansit, Tinola, Side dishes like Ensaladang Mangga and desserts like Palitaw, Buko Lychee, and fresh fruits.


Then there's the cultural dance while you are eating. Actually, it caught most of the attention but for someone like us, we just watched it a bit and gave a full blast attention to the food!Food!Food!


After the performance, it was now time for the audience to learn our own cultural dance tinikling.So the dancers serve as the volunteer's guide and Yeah! it was fun. Here's my two friends volunteering theirselves to be the center of attraction or I think more of Distraction?hahaha!

Overall, i had a great time here at Barbara's.We were laughing most of the time and this also serves as a leisure time for missed friends. I love the food and everthing that came with the deal!And Barbara's also reminds me that there are a lot of things that Filipinos should be proud of.


Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros, Manila
Tel. No: 5274090

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