Monday, August 29, 2011

Joey Pepperoni's Pasta all-you-can!

I bet we all knew Joey Pepperoni but I'd still blog about it as not to waste our experience there.There's really nothing to rave about their offers just quality food at cheap prices. One of which is their traditional Pasta All-you-can (P149) and their promo 2 14" inch pizzas for 200 pesos only.


You can choose from these 3 options: Pinoy Classic Spaghetti, Pesto Cream and Penne & Cheese. Too bad Pesto Cream wasn't available during our visit.


The rules:
-NO Leftovers.No Sharing and For Dine-in only
-Starts 6pm onwards Daily
-Get one Pizza for free when you beat 9 plates in 1.5 hours

The TASTE? well don't expect much for this kind of offer.But I assure you that there's no dissapointment, either.Just enough to fill your empty stomach and for fun when you'd take it as a challenge with your barkada.=)


BTW. I'd like to show you my first few shots using my Nikkor 50mm lens.=)




Joey Pepperoni
SM Manila Branch

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The Average Jane said...

I agree. They're pasta is average. But filling. =)

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