Saturday, March 27, 2010

So who's mary grace?

That question is one thing you’d definitely ask after having a lunch or dinner at café mary grace because you just might want to thank her for having this business . This resto may be the cheapest in line at serendra but I may say that they serve at great prices. The place is a little bit small but hey! I find it sweet and cozy. And to remind you, they don’t accept reservations because the place is occupied most of the time.



May trying to point out her order (smoked salmon and cream pasta) but unfortunately, it’s not available that time. She ended up ordering the same as mine which is the Mushroom and cream pasta

Mushroom and cream pasta

- Don’t be fooled by pictures, Mary grace is soO generous to serve us this pasta that even the hungriest cannot finish this in quickest time.=)

Friend with the tagline, “All good things in life are free!”..(Hey friend! I promise you that this won’t happen anymore! haha! And diba you want your “Jai Ho”..he’s on your back actually)



The letters and notes in the glass table from former customers is a nice concept and a great help for first- timers just in case they don’t know what to order. Books and mags are also present at the sides.

Do I look like enjoying? Yes, I did..though it’s not really obvious. You might also want to try their ensaymadas and rolls which they are known for.A budget of 400 pesos each will do here.bye!

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Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra

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