Friday, November 2, 2012

Manang's Chicken!

Manang's Chicken is one of the successful products of continuous blog advertisements. Through each bloggers' craves and good reviews, their simple yet unforgettable recipe went viral in a short period of time. They started out as a stall in a night market and now, it can be enjoyed in their multiplying  branches.

I visited their BF Paranaque Branch which was quite spacious than I thought. I don't know if they are still on their dry run but  if that would be the case then I would understand because the service was real slow. The other down part is that the menu was limited to chicken, fries, 2 choices of burgers and desserts.


Manang's Chicken 2 pcs (P149) Original with drinks- I hate to compare but if this will help then I can say that their chicken was more tasty inside and out than Bon chon but setting that factor aside, it's up to your preference on what's more delicious.


Chick N Spag Meal (P129) - The Spag according to my cousin is out of  the desired and expected taste because it lacks the usual  ingredients and I think that it's pretty obvious on their posters.


Manang's Chips and Dip Large (P58) - The chips was lifted up by the dips and btw, they serve generously.


I think that the chicken was good enough but I don't get the point of other people exaggerating how delicious the chicken was. Anyways, can you tell me your own Manang's Chicken  experience?=)

My cousin and I plus my sister!



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