Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Sandwich Guy!

Happy New Year  to Everyone! I hope nobody's up doing resolutions because I swear to my swollen tummy that nothing on your list will be accomplished(haha!). I know it's a brand new year but we're the   same old us, right? So as usual I'll start this year by posting about food because I'm a food blogger.

You would think that I'm starting to trim up with this post but I just have this TINY love for sandwiches. Like vegetables getting piled up high with oozing sauce or dressing and it's getting uncontrollable between your mouth and your hands..Yeah, I love it like that.


Oh well. Just recently, Mimi and I tried The Sandwich Guy at SM Manila because I missed eating sandwiches aside from egg sandwich and ham and cheese sandwich.=)


They have I think 14 sandwiches to choose from with some pasta and side dishes. The Hexagonal Sandwiches were good looking though I'm still blinded by its sense. Anyways, aside from their unique shape, The Sandwich Guy use whole wheat bread as their standard bread because it is said to be good for our heart.


I had the TSG Bigtime (P150- sandwich only.) - Three Deli choices which wasn't clearly indicated. The sandwich was satisfying by the amount of everything that was stuffed in it but after finishing it..I still felt that something was missing.



Cheesy Bacon Potato (P95) - This was too salty for me. would have been tolerable if the potatoes were not overcooked.


Pesto (P80)- just OK


Overall, I love the concept of having more sandwich chains here in Manila to give us a quick fix of our missed sandwiches. I  noticed that their ingredients are fresh but I cannot hide the fact that they need to improve the taste of their sandwiches so customers would come back over and over.

The Sandwich Guy
SM Manila Branch

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