Sunday, November 27, 2011

Peanut Butter Everywhere at PB Company

Ever since I got aware of my sense of taste, I hated peanut butter, peanuts or anything that relates to it. Whenever my Nanay, Tatay and sister would have a special bonding filling out those breads with PB,I'm always thinking that I should miss that one.But today is really weird because I insisted to eat at PB company with mimi (another PB hater.=p). Maybe because I have enough heard of all the thumbs up and I wanna get out of my usual and embrace something I've been avoiding ever since.
Good thing that every meal here in PB company is reinvented and surprisingly, I'm very satisfied with my dinner.=) The place was small but I got this feeling of "It's cool to be in here." Meals served in box - to - go's and plastic utensils,a diner-type with peanut butter based meals...real simple!
Meals range from P100 to P200. I don't want every peso of my money get wasted so I played it safe by ordering their PB Burger (185) - Quarter pound beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, and mix of Mayo and Sesame Peanut butter.I never thought that PB would go perfect with burgers!would definitely go back for this together with their milkshake.=)
Fish n' Rice (P135) - Your usual cream dory fish fillet added with a creamy peanut butter sauce.=)
Curry Chicken Spaghetti (Half - P105) - A must try one-of-a-kind pasta!The curry sauce was not too strong and I liked it that way.=)
Classic Milkshake (P125) - Mimi's new favorite..One of her reasons to come back at PB, co.
I'm really curious how this Dark Chocolate PB tastes like..
Might as well pair those meals with their different Special Sodas..
All in, We walked out happy after eating here. The Meal prices was just right for the food quality and it's amazing how 2 PB haters enjoyed eating all those PB based meals.=)I'm sure that if you're a PB lover, you'll make this place your haven.=) Mimi's getting fond of tweeting lately..

Peanut Butter Company

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