Saturday, March 27, 2010

one perfect night at vieux chalet

if it has to be special,romantic and memorable,go to vieux chalet. It is a house turned into a swiss restaurant. They also have rooms for overnights and a private pool.


Getting there is not easy but it'll be all worth it once you've tasted their pride menus.The outside part of vieux chalet may seem a so-so but when you enter the resto, its aged furnitures and structure gave us a sweet welcome from a winding adventure finding it.

We took the table beside the window and here's the overlooking view of the citylights which made me fascinated instantly..

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I thought we were the only one who'd came for dinner that night but minutes passed and a group of girls came in. It was funny that I had a hard time ordering because I couldn't pronounce the words from the menu! Good thing the supervisor read it for us.=)

it took time before the foods got served but I assure you that their will be no boring moments as the classic and jazz music plays and fill the place with beauty. Mimi and I had our conversation because it's quite a time since we've seen each other. I took pictures of her with the place and so as her to me.


Mimi with KITO!


Mimi's turn!



And Manong's turn to take a picture of us!


The piano area

Untitled-1 nmkopy

Finally, the foods came in! They look delicious and tastes perfect!
Everything we've ordered didn't make us regretful of coming to vieux chalet. They have a great value of money when it comes to the food they serve. A budget of 1000 per person will do because foods there ranges from 400-800.

Fettucine Padilla


Fresh Fish Fillet ala judith in white wine sauce

Untitled-1 freopy

And a carrot cake with ice cream for our dessert


Vieux Chalet
Taktak Road, Antipolo City, Philippines
call (632) 697-0396 for reservations because tables are limited

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