Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats at G5

I  wanted to try Mad Mark's at Kapitolyo way way before but it's just too far from home that's why I'm so happy they made their way of having a second branch at G5. At last! I can  now taste their famous sandwiches and ice cream. =)


Mad Mark's allow you to customize your meal from their grilled entries, sauces and up to their side dishes

Baby A tried their Fan Favorite (P285) - Their Regular Signature Steak, Bootstrap Sauce, Bacon Potato Salad, Garden Grains and your choice of doneness


I tried their Steak and Cream (P285) - Their Regular Signature Steak, Cream Mushroom Sauce, Garden Grains, House Salad and your choice of doneness

There's no way you wouldn't love their signature steak! Bite after bite, I feel like I'm the happiest person on that moment. =)


Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance of having their house favorites no matter how full I am from the steak. =)

Lumberjack (Half - P225) - Grilled steak sandwich with cream mushroom sauce and greeen medley

I just had to taste this because my stomach needs a little more space for dessert. Brought this home and shared it with my sister..the next thing that happened?she wanted to drag me at Mad Mark's right away! =p


Here comes the sweetest part of our meal. =) 

We tried their homemade Ice cream in half - scoops. (P86)

Half - Baked Madagascar. Roasted Pecan. Pistacchio


A toast for Madam's new phone with Mad Mark's Homebrewed Iced Tea (P160 pitcher)


Here's Madam, Baby A and I. =)


Mad Mark's 
Glorietta 5

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Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Hi there! We were together in a group at Island Cove, it was nice to visit your drool-worthy blog. Hope you remember me, though. BTW, I love MadMark's artisan ice-cream, personal fave is the half-baked Madagascar:) - Joy F. of

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