Saturday, May 15, 2010

Angge's The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Experience!

Well, I never thought that my Best Friends Forever would be my Best Foodie Friends too..For all these years that we’ve shared common things together, the exceptional and the only reason of our fights is food.=) So tonight we really had a blast of fun at The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 in cooperation with San Miguel Corporation and Our Awesome Planet!

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Also, we got the chance to be a food critic tonight but we chose to crumble over the food stalls until we get bloated for what we call the “good things this night has to offer.” I know I’m so P.G. but what can I do? This is me. But even though my Friend Laisa is the only one serious about the paper critics, the good thing for me naman is that I now knew where I could find great foodies at great prices because I had all their brochures and marketing ads!


Here’s sharing with you some of the stalls we have encountered:

Hero sausages- I’m already seeing this product at the malls but never buy it..I’ve tasted maybe 4-5 bits and I think it’s good..average.

Maison de Valere’s Chicken Liver Pate’ – This is a hit for me! It goes well with the garlic bread slices..I gave it a perfect 5 in the ratings..


ManilaQ – I had their complete taste platter.. I love the siomai and gyoza! I remember that we never lined for this..and that’s how we learned that for each stall, it’s not really bad na sumingit.=) easy food!

Sakae Sushi- one of my favourites! I’ll definitely try their eat-all-you can at moa.

Muscovy Duck Ham – “Sweet”. That’s all I can remember

Empanada Avenue – full-stuffed empanada! I love empanadas! Haven’t you noticed that they were really happy in this picture?

Sodastream – Sodas with less sugar..And they had this product that turns water into!

The Fruit Garden- nah,just took a photo of their stall.. I’m not into jams.=)

Happy Green- I love their dips and their lemongrass tea!

The other products that are worth buying and so much satisfying are the CAMBELI sweets, Divine desserts, Dulcelin Gourmet’s Angus Short Rib Steak,Crave Burgers, Pellegrino's,Goodles and Qasa 61. I never had the chance to take more pictures because I was aiming to taste them all and I guess I didn’t failed..Yipee! so happy!

There were also performers from The Comedy Cartel and since we were too busy all I can remember is that we should be proud that Mayor Binay won the vice-president position because they were comparing him to Obama..”Sabi nila meron na daw tayong first BLACK VICE-PRESIDENT.”hehe.

Belly Dancers were present too!

Our Special guest for tonight: Dawn Quinto!

Truly, I have enjoyed this night with my BFFs. Imagine paying P230 pesos and in exchange is an awesome experience!


Cheers Japaneras!

Here’s me and my friends with the person I look up to with this kind of trip..=)

Let's Live it The japanera Way!


dawn said...

wow ah,,, special guest pala ako kagabi but nde ko naramdaman??? naging tagahawak mo lang ako ng paper plates mo the whole time na magkasama tayo... hmmmp...

well, i enjoyed the night sooper...

ang daming masasarap na fud... kahit diet ako kinalimutan ko un last night...

sa uulitin ulit ah... at sana mas marami pa tayo para matikman nila ung mga fud na sooper sarap...

BFF tnx n_n!!!!

angge said...

hahahah!baliw ka dawn!saya mo naman kasama..yikee!hahaha!sa UTT 5.0 ulit dawn ha!

dawn said...

sure angge....

sa UTT 5.0 sasama ko pinsan ko...

natutuwa un sayo ang cute mo daw para kang dog,,, joke lang... :))

Koryn said...

hi angge! small world. i know one of the belly dancers--the one on the right most is good friend of mine from college, zane :)

angge said...

small world indeed!The belly dancers were great po..they got the whole tent entertained.=)

James the Lazy said...

I'll just leave my comment here since you dont have a chatbox. Neato blog! Kinda made me even hungrier since it's already dinner time. haha :D

angge said...

Thanks for the chatbox suggestion =)

Fine said...

congrats angge. dream come true yan haha

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