Friday, September 24, 2010

Are you gonna crave for crave burger?

Mimi and I went to BF Paranaque yesterday to try Crave Burger and she keeps on saying “Malayo pa ba tayo?” with Paawa effect. From a very exhausting day to a heavy traffic I expect a good deal here and I guess Crave Burger didn’t fail us. Their humble beginnings started at Bacolod and the owner is an ilonggo which is quite interesting because you wouldn’t find people there specializing burgers and that because my Tatay was an ilonggo too.=)

Here’s a peak of their menu. Well, there’s nothing complex here because they only got one type of burger and you’ll just choose for a single or double patty..Looking at the pictures won’t satisfy you because it looks small there but wait till it got served.=)


By the way, they’re still on a dry run so to keep you waiting here’s a tv plus add up some talks!


Garden Salad with Mango vinaigrette (95) – this was simple but pleasing. I added up some mayo to complete this up!


This is crave combo # 2 which is a double crave burger plus fries and drinks (195) – I got full with this! Not the best burger I’ve tasted but I would say I’d go back for more.. The patty was big and fat and We loved the simple taste..Only, the fries was on big cuts but it’s like imitating KFC’s yet it lacks taste.

IMGP2762 IMGP2765

The place was homey to me, can accommodate up to 12 persons inside and got two more tables outside..Try it and let’s see if you gonna crave for it!


Mimi with her burger and smile.=)


Crave Burger Paranaque Branch
President's Avenue BF homes Pque

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