Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mimi's birthday treat at Yakimix!

Last October 5, 2010 Mimi celebrated her birthday with me ONLY at Yakimix, Mall of Asia. For 500 pesos per person you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, mostly Japanese dishes. Drinks are separately available for P60 bottomless na..good thing here is that you can choose from iced tea, mango, lemon, or softdrinks during the refilling meaning “hindi porket sinabi mo iced tea bottomless, iced tea all the way lang ang refill”.


I love their buffet setting. There are three sides actually, on the left side are the raw grill type dishes (bbq,shrimps,meat rolls, etc) which you can cook on your own table, every table has their own smokeless grill. The only disadvantage is that meat juices pops out and may burn your skin so be careful on that. On the right side are the cooked ones and one the far right side are the sushi yummy!



The birthday girl being so happy!


The food was great! I love the mushrooms and the tofu-based dishes..I also had fun mixmatching my salad but I'm so full already that i can't appreciate it much na..



Desserts are cool but not that amazing. They don’t create it themselves.. Cakes are from red ribbon and goldilocks, there are lots of ice pops, scoop your own ice cream and toppings plus there’s mini cupcakes and chocolates.


Overall, I find the service great and the place homey..It was classy but not intimidating (it should not be because it’s buffet style otherwise I can’t go back for another round or ROUNDS). Thanks Mimi for the treat!hehe!next time ulit ha?hahahaha!




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