Monday, October 10, 2011

Residencia de Riego Resort

Hi!Still alive from a very rough and tough travel but I really can't wait to share with you such a nice place.Well, not really perfect cos even the best has its own flaws.=) I'm talking about Residencia de Riego Resort in Batangas..Its 2-3 hours away from Manila but I swear, it'll give justice once you got there.=)
A large wooden gate will open to welcome you and at the side is the Information where you can confirm your reservation and they'll give you the key to your room.
This cute dog will give you a welcome bark!arf!haha!
Our room is only the Kubo-type which will cost you P3000 originally but since we got in on cashcashpinoy, the price dropped to P900 only with a complimentary breakfast for two. The thing here is there's only a ceiling fan and a comfortable bed in a kubo and a cottage where you can eat or stay. It was nice naman and that would fit the P900 that we paid. A bit Pricey if rented for P3000.If you're worrying that insects and bugs would freely enter your room, stop cos there's none even at night.
The 3 pools are well-maintained and looks really inviting may it be day or night. I love its changing colors at night..Ambiance was super great because they had a nice sound system that keeps on playing music to soothe your mood.
They also have this creative mini bar with a barista performing all the time.haha!
Their restaurant was classy,too and the food was also delicious..I just didn't like their version of Pansit Bihon. All listed in the menu is good for 2-3 persons already and its cheap that way.=)
Here's an advanced prep on our table.=)
We had Carbonara (P150) for our merienda. Good for sharing, creamy and yummy!
For Dinner: Pansit Bihon (P150) - bad choice from me.
And Lechon Kawali (P200)
Our free Breakfast is Pork Tapa, sunny sideup, fried rice, and free flowing kapeng barako.=)
We were the only visitors plus a group of 10, I think. So we were spoiled that day.=p
They also provide other activities like darts,billiards, basketball, etc.Just approach them on how to avail. We really liked the place and definitely would want to go back if given a chance. The place was peaceful and relaxing. Plus, safety is ensured because lifeguards are at post but not that intimidating.
I forgot to tell why we're here..It's Mimi's 22nd Birthday!
How to get there: Just ride Jam Buses (P162 fare) going to Lemery and tell them to drop you at Muzon. From there, ride a tricycle which would cost you P70..that's it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I got one from cashcash pinoy too. Planning to use it next year pa. This blog really helped me. I was thinking, the facilities might be bad or something or anything that a little less than 1K deserves. Now, you gave me an idea on what to expect. There's just one thing that I might not like -> it seems that there is no TV at the Kubo Villa. If so, then you're right, even the best has it's flaws...

angge said...

Hi!thanks for the view.only a comfy bed and a fan is available for the kubo.=)

jhen said...

how long did you stay there?

roiji said...

thank you for sharing this.
it's very helpful.
i only wished you posted more pictures of the kubo itself :}

Joyce :) said...

hi..bought one in Cash Cash Pinoy too and i so love this blog of yours about Residencia De Riego.. I got so excited tuloy! (:

Eylinprez said...

hello, very nice post! can I link this to Residencia De Riego's FB account?

angge said...

@eylinprez: sure you can link my post!just please give credit to my blog.thanks!

Eylinprez said...

Thank you very much! we really appreciate your blog.

Anonymous said...

hello...just want to to get cashcashpinoy?...thanks!

angge said...

hi!this deal for residencia de riego is currently not available on cashcashpinoy but if you want to see more of their deals, pls go to!

Joyce :) said...

Hi! were going to the resort tomorrow and I just wanna ask kung sang bus terminal kayo sumakay going to Lemery and anu yung landmark sa Muzon that would remind us na bumaba? Hope you could response asap! Thanks!

jeh said...

hi, thanks for this blog :) just a question, ung kubo villa b ay may window at door n pde iclose? kc prang wla po..kindly let me know po.. ty po :)

angge said...

yes, privacy and safety is highly considered even in the kubo has small tinted glass windows and doors can be locked, of course.

Geneva Perlado said...

Hello :) ur blog was helpful. Yung windows sa kubo villa pwede isara or open lang talaga siya? ask ko din kung malaki yung restaurant nila and strict ba sila sa swimming attire. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

yun 70 pesos na tricycle fare ba per pax?or khit ilan n kau nkasakay basta 70 yun isang byahe nila?thanks..:))

Anonymous said...

Hi. thank you for this very helpful review about residencia de riego. i just wanted to know how you got back to manila from the resort.. is there a bus terminal near in Muzon or pumara para lang ng mga bus na nagdadaan?:) thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.

I am planning to bring my family this long weekend this month (August). We will be 4 adults, 3 kids, plus a 10 mos. old infant.

Will 2 Kubos be enough? Any tips for reservation?

- Randy

angge said...

The kubo is just composed of a bed and a little space only..meaning, it will only fit 2 adults for sleeping.each kubo has a spacious terrace too.when it comes to the reservation, you can call the management itself..I find them very accommodating naman.thanks!

jeffrey labergas said...

hi po.... very nice post... very helpful... i have a question: from Residencia... panu ang pag commute pauwe sa Manila???

angge said...

thanks for the feedback!Before you get there pwede kayo makipag arrange sa tricycle driver to pick you up the next morning going to muzon(bus stop) and from Muzon just wait for the bus going to Manila.they come with at least 15 minute interval

Dioville Macanip said...

hi angge, kaya bang lakarin from bus drop point to residencia? or sobrang layo talaga? thanks!

angge said...

sobrang layo kaya medyo mahal din fare sa trike from bus stop

Anonymous said...

salamat sa info! :)

raffy said...

thanks angge sa post ah..mas nagkaidea ako sa place..plan namin punta eh..un nga lang wala aircon at tv?? aw!! at malayo nga lang:(

Anonymous said...

FLAWS not might lose your credibility with such errors. Other than that, the overall review is really good and informative :)

angge said...

I stand corrected!thanks!

Crisjohn Navarro said...

hi! im sorry angge for using your blogspot but i really need it there anyone that is willing to sell their promo from cashcashpinoy...I've talked to their staffs that the next promo would be on february but i want to go this month..just name the price tnx!

Mike Obog said...

i think ongoing parin ung promo nila for oct 2012 - oct 2013!/deal/4903-batangas-getaway-at-residencia-de-riego

Mike Obog said...

Cris, what package are ya lookin for?

Chey Albay said...

Hi, we are looking for a place where we could have our strategic planning for next year. will there be available room? we are 7 in a group and the date is on nov. 8-9, 2012.

Thanks a lot,


Anonymous said...

gr8 blog!very informative.we'l b there tmrw :)

Michelle Salinas said...

how about comfort rooms for kubo villas? Thaaaaanks :)

wasalakbatangas said...

u should try the campsite of riego, same location. also their newly-opened beach and dive resort. :)

Anonymous said...

@wasalakbatangas May beach ang resort na to? Di ba sa Taal Lake ito nakapwesto? I mean lawa hindi dagat. Tsaka never heard of diving sa lawa.

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