Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Creations by May Duque

I scouted for sweets last pre-valentine's because Mimi's craving on it like hell. I was searching for video demos on how to make creme brulee but I'm afraid it wouldn't taste just as I wanted it to be..And so I searched for dessert stores that could cater me an average quantity at a cheaper price and I saw Ms. May Duque's Sweet Creations!

She has a wide selection of dessert packages that will fit your needs and budget. It wasn't also hard to contact her and meet-ups are not a problem for her. She's very accomodating and flexible with the business .

I ordered 20 pcs of Yummy Creme Brulee.Not sure but it's in P35-P37 range each.Every piece of these are worth it cos Mimiwas so hyper and happy while scarfing down the cb's.=)

15 pcs of assorted Marshmallow Pops (P15 each) - Hmm...I was the one who almost ate them all.=p

Brazo de Mercedes(P600++) - I like their version of Brazos, not TOO sweet and so addicting that you'll come back for more..Mimi liked this so much!

These heavenly desserts made Mimi's day and as for me, making her that happy was easy and CHEAP.=) haha!
Please visit Sweet Creations' Facebook account Here or you may Contact Ms. May directly at 09178004660 for your bulk dessert orders and reservations! Btw, to make it more sweet, I added this limited edition Chupa Chups!

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