Friday, January 30, 2015

Ramen Nagi Hype!

The Ramen Hype started when the classic light taste was turned into something richer by Ramen Nagi. Customization also came in so everything floating in your ramen is all you.

We tried their Mall of Asia Branch which is quite small for their growing number of patrons.Expect to wait even on regular days..

If you're not really sure about the choices better ask the staff because the taste of you ramen is at stake here...seriously.hahaha!

I don't want one to lay the other out so as much as possible, I stick to Normal except that I want my ramen on super garlic mode and my noodles hard.:)

Butao King (P390) - For those who want to play safe, here's the simplest of them all. :)

Green King (P410)- Called it the Italian Ramen because the taste is so similar with that of a Pesto. This one's creamy with grated parmesan on top!

Black King (P410) - I was so hesitant on having this because anything black doesn't seem so appetizing for me..But I still tried it for something new.:)

The Calamari Ink with overpowered garlic taste is my new crush now! Be sure to pair your ramen with their pork belly and I promise you that every fat you'll gain here is so worth it.:)

Like my blog's layout, I know there's something else that's changed here so I'll leave you with my Magic Friends. :P

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Manam: Comfort Filipino Food

My family deserves the best treat from me since I rarely take them all out for a food trip.:) That's why I searched for a Filipino Restaurant nearby that's something worth my hard-earned money..

I thought Manam would do since I've heard good reviews from my friends before.

Crispy Pata Tim (Medium-P585) - True to its Crispiness, this tasty pata tim made my parents forget they're already candidates of heart problems :P The meat,btw, can be easily detached from the bones.:)

House Crispy Sisig (Large -P375) - If you think you've already tasted all the best sisig in town, Might as well try Manam's take on Sisig and I'm sure it'll be an addition to your list

We've also tried their Kare-Kare and it's definitely a must-try! I did capture a photo but it looks bad..opposite from its taste :P

Mango and Kesong Puti Turon (Medium - P220) - The kesong puti gave this dessert a nice twist!

Overload of Pinoy Favorites seem to be "Nakakaumay"...Try their Mango+Pomelo+Coconut Cream+Sago shake for only P125..Yummy and refreshing!

My family and my super fat self enjoying the not-all-filipino moms-can-cook malinamnam dishes at manam!:)

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Everything Organic at The Wholesome Table

One of the restaurants I enjoyed this year was The Wholesome Table simply because they make every dish taste beautiful out of everything organic. It's like nobody needs to push you off a cliff just to eat healthy :p

The dimmed and rustic ambiance really works for the place..with dried wheat stalks on every healthy,right? lol.

Chicken Dukkah Salad (P420) - if every salad tastes like this then maybe we could have it on a daily basis. The dukkah-coated grilled chicken works perfectly with the greens and balsamic vinaigrette.So yummy! btw, this is already good for sharing

Salmon in Basil Cream Sauce (P380) - Fresh salmon tossed in organic cherry tomato passato and creme fraiche

Love how flaky the salmon was.. though I was really confused with the basil cream sauce since it was overloaded with tomato. I need to read right next time!

Eggplant Parmigiana (P350) - I hate eggplants to death not until I've tasted this! The combination was a killer together with the yummy tofu bits :)

A number of Detox Juices are also available to accompany your organic meals

Here's something worth remembering from The Wholesome Table.:)

Take a look outside..They're just near Mango Tree, Cue and Slice at BGC!

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Thanks so much for reading!

Friday, October 17, 2014

A night to remember at Galileo Enoteca

Note: It will take me like forever before I can post another romantic dinner like this so enjoy the last one I got here (for the meantime :p).

I've been to the most romantic restaurants in the metro and there's no stopping me from adding Galileo Enoteca to the list :) Words cannot really describe how majestic the place is but well, I got photos for you, guys.

It's like dining inside a wine cellar but definitely you'll feel more than that.:)

For the antipasti, we had toasted bread with liver pate and olive oil

The simple yet catchy menu board :)

For our Pizze, we combined Quattro Formaggi and Tutta Carne (P480) - The cheese used here are for epicureans.:) Luckily, I did adapt well..

Primi Piatti: Spaghetti Al Frutti Di Mare (P390) - Olive oil based pasta with shrimps, squid, clams and mussels

The pasta was cooked perfectly and the simplicity of its taste can make you go back for more until it's gone.

Primi Secondi: Chicken Piccata in Lemon Sauce (P350) - served with salad and mashed potato

I love how the meat absorbed all the spices but I'm not really into white paired with salad drizzled with vinaigrette

And of course, the one thing you can't dine without :) Our wine for the night as recommended (P700/bottle)

I only had a glass of this and the rest of the bottle was handled well by my partner.:p

I fell in love with the place even though I'm not yet near the doorstep. :)

To the one I love the most, I hope you'd see this... I know this night was memorable to you. We were so happy talking about everything nonsense until we were the only one left in this place.:)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Milky Moustache: More than just milkshakes

I wouldn't mind having a Milky Moustache in this lovely milkshake place I found near our home.:) It has gone viral over my instagram and it is so unacceptable to just look at those photos, drool the whole day without even trying it out!

Our Milkshakes: Reese's Peanut Butter (P160-16oz) - I love this from the bottom of my sinful heart! It has the right amount of sweetness with Reese's bits overload! The Kitkat (P155-16oz) was a winner,too! 

Cool milkshakes on mason jars :)

I'm sorry for posting the dessert first..:p Here's their creamy carbonara for only P140

Clubhouse and chips (P140) - Would have been better if this was stuffed more

Plain Belgian Waffle (P45) - The waffle itself was done right and well painted with caramel syrup. We tried their Belgian Waffle a la mode and it's so sulit for P100 :)

All over the walls are inspirational quotes...and yeah, just keep on moving!

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Thank you! It's nice to be back but don't expect a lot of me cos' I'm terribly putting myself on a DIET.haha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Food Trip at Yummy Eats 2014!

This is my 2nd Yummy Eats in a row and Still, I'm glad to be a part of one of the biggest food fair this year! The number of concessionaires were so overwhelming that it made Metro Tent a very small world for the foodies, bloggers and other participants. Picture out crazy long lines over food booths, endless opinions and raves..well, that's the scenario but everything about the event was FUN!.

The number of participants this year was doubled (I guess) compared to last year...

Just Scroll down for  photos of this year's Yummy Eats.:)

I'll rate each from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 as the highest score. Pls. don't just depend on my can browse other posts for reference.

These yummy Melt-in-your-mouth cake pops are from The Bunny Baker. Ahhhh! I so love these! Score:5

I got hooked to Yuan's buffalo wings!Definitely worth the wait from a very long line :) Score: 5

The Butchery's sausages were awesome that I had to buy some and give my parents at home a good treat :) Score: 5

Pouf, a local marshmallow creme,  captured Mimi's taste buds and bought a jar instantly. Score: 4

The Consistent Carlo's crispy pork belly was good too.. Only that, they should provide a bigger portion next time because the taste would be vague when you're having a 1 peso coin sized portion. Score: 3

I keep on telling this: I'm not a fan of desserts but Lia's avocado cupcake is an exception! Score: 5

Rawlicious'  odd taste was never an issue at all!So Refreshing and healthy at the same time! Score: 5

Cupcake Lab's catchy cupcakes Score: 4

My super favorite was Happy Bean's Taho Ice cream! Rockin' the soya taste with lots of sago :)
Score: 5

Kool Kids' Nitrogen Ice cream was way cooler than their name :) Score: 5

Yummy Red Rice Salad and Dulcelin's winning piece, Mango torte. Score: 5

My Cookie Lab's assorted cookies! Score: 4

Scarsdale is love :) Score:4

From The Ostrich Farm :) Score: 4

Pinoy's Fave Ensaymada From Pi Breakfast and Pies Score: 4

Theo and Philo Chocolates Score: 4

The Harvest's Salted Coco Caramel. Oopsie! No score for this one cause I haven't tasted it

OH MUG can instantly give you a quick fix for cake cravings:) SCORE:3

Hunt's made a good booth as one of the Event's sponsor...I love their hunt's-inspired dishes! SCORE:5

Goodies from the Cake Project SCORE:4

For the Crazy Hot Humans. SCORE:3

Yummy Choc Cake from Blue Toque.SCORE:5

Coffee Empire's Sample brownies are worth tryin. SCORE:4

Cuties from Double Delights.SCORE:4

Free drinks from C2:)

Hot Choco from Xocolat SCORE: 4

Extraordinary french macaroons from The Tuileries Confections. SCORE:5

The Fat Foodie Blogger at Yummy Eats 2014 :)

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Chef Erick's House of Lasagna

After buying tickets for our most awaited Yummy Eats 2014, Dawn and I together with our little girl, shannon went to Megamall for our Late Lunch. We were really tired by then so a nearby restaurant will do and It was House of Lasagna that's In front of us.=)

We had their Beef Lasagna (Single-280) - I have always been a fan of lasagna and whenever it's available on the menu wherever I am, I always go for it all the time.. This day, I unintentionally had the best lasagna I've tasted so far! This was actually good for two so I got to share it with my best friend, Dawn.=)

Even the photos are killing me softly.=p

Southern Fried Chicken (P280) - Like our usual pinoy party, we partnered these fried chicks to our Lasagna. Comes with Potato Wedges and Coleslaw..I ordered another Coleslaw cos I can't contain myself to just a single serving.=)

I wonder if House of Lasagna needs another Housemate because I'm in need of a permanent home?lol.

With my super missed BFF.

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