Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 of 4 for jane: Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant

Today is my date with “my lub” Jane. We gave Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant a try since it’s new at moa. From outside, I thought that just a step on the inside could get me daunt but looking at their menu gave me the relief I’ve been wanting. The price is good but the food is great! They also have an opening promo: 20% discount on weekdays and 10% on weekends..great isn’t?


The interiors were great and I imagine how those chandeliers could eat us alive. For a moment, you could eat like an emperor here.


A complimentary tea was given to start it off, by the way, you can’t complain about their crew since all of them are too active for your needs..


We ordered Chicken Cheese Ball(P280) . This is a must try! I really love the cheese and chicken.. ”hindi sya nakakaumay”


The one Jane ordered (Pork Platter P580) which is way too much expensive for me just disappointed me. I like the Filipino –style lechon more than this. And one thing is it’s “malansa” and lacks the crispiness.


We didn’t order the desserts here cos we’ll be heading to Eskimo bob for an ice cream but when one of the crew told the other one to give us desserts I just gave them a big NO! Because I’m afraid of the incoming bill..the waiter smiled and said it was for FREE..FREE? Thank God I found a place where there’s still free.

The mango sago was promising..I so loved it.=) But for the fruits.. good thing it’s just free.



Jane and I. =)



Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant
Mall of Asia

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