Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tia Maria's Fajitas!

I already had my pre - valentine's celebration but this friend of mine who never had a ___________ keep on insisting me to date her and so I did!=) I hope she had fun and may this day be always remembered because she left me with empty pockets again.


We decided to go for Tia Maria's with their promo Fajitas Grande Fiesta. It was quite expensive for the servings but the overall taste was good. We were the only customers by that time so we grabbed the chance to laugh ourselves till we drop.


Fajitas Grande Fiesta (P555 + service charge) - Their ad says it's good for 4 persons but I think the serving would be exactly for 3 persons only. It consists of a pan full of Angus beef and chicken strips, lettuce, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and salsa plus 6 tortillas. Btw, what's fun here is that you'll be the one to make your own fajitas.




Having a hard time rolling mine..I wanted it too stuffed kasi..=)


It also comes with a pithcer of your choice (iced tea or orange juice) and this awesome Orange Creme Brulee which surprised us because I never knew that a restaurant
like this would make a great tasting creme brulee.

Sorry for the pictures, guys. I'll switch to Nikon next week..I'm so excited!

Here's my lovely friend begging me to buy her orange roses but I bought her the alternative balloon roses instead of the real ones..Not that she's not worth it but I just don't have the money.=P


Our photo together.eew.wtf, we're both in red.haha!


Tia Maria's
Ground Floor
Entertainment Hall
Mall of Asia

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