Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tagaytay Trip: Army Navy + Yellow Cab

Army Navy is strictly on burgers and burrito. It's just a casual dining place where you can eat burgers with your bare hands and not get intimidated at all. The "Army Navy theme" is too catchy that's why a lot of customers get curious and invited to eat here.
Transactions are made through this glass pane and the menu are posted in it plus, self-service as always.
I so love this scooter!Never mind the models.=p


The Freedom Fries (P60) - A bit spicy but I got hooked with this one.
Steak Burrito (P160) + extra cheese (P30)- This is a very very wrong way to eat your burrito!haha! There's a poster on how to eat it but I didn't mind and so I ended up dissecting and eating it with spoon. I happily finished this with jalapeno and garlic sauce.=)
Burger (P145) - Classic quarter- pounder.. This was Ate Mara's. She didn't enjoyed this much..
Yellow cab always goes with Army Navy. We ate at 2nd floor which was Yellow Cab's. Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta (P235) - My co-trainees' favorite!Our Lunch was a blast of spiciness!Thank God I was able to tolerate it.=p
Twice-Baked Potato (P195) - Oven baked potatoes with sour cream sauce
Sola (P50)
Although this brunch left our pockets half-empty, It made our tummies happy and heavy!And it's fascinating when you're eating with a view like this.
Thank You Ate Mara and Jermax.Ang saya ng bonding natin!


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