Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sisterly date at Bigby's

The only Bigby's I knew was the one in Megamall and finally they're here at mall of Asia. Have a nice concept and their foods can be shared by two. This resto is worth a try.. Try literally for they have this unique challenge about their raved titanic ice cream: you have to finish it(with a friend) for FIVE minutes and it's free but if you're too it..for 999 pesos, ok?hehe


This day was supposed to be mimi's day..then it became may's but it ended up with my sister's..she's not the last option, of course..I so love my sister..SABI..hahaha.. My SD memory card's a wasn't on my dslr when I checked it..twas back at home..dear shit.. so pagtyagaan nyo na lang fone pics.

Bermuda Triangle Salad - fresh greens,pork strips, egg, tomato,ground pork,bell peppers, and mtms..kakawili tong salad na to..super sulit.. the only problem is they don't have a house dressing..just K islands


Pescado Al Fresco - Fish Fillet in fried onion hairline strips - half worth but nothing really special


Granny's Chicken Fried Steak - My sister's.. I think it's good naman..naubos nya kasi yung 2 pcs na sinerve..


Here's one more good thing at Bigby's : for every P600 purchase, you'll have a free Baja wraps and nachos and the other was quesadillas..


So here's my happy sister..Treated her because she's getting jealous na wid her ate mimi.=)




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