Thursday, April 22, 2010

La Mesa Ecopark

We celebrated our Christmas at La Mesa Ecopark. What made it best was we're all present to rock this place.=)

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Residents of Q.C. have their discount upon entrance, that's 20 pesos. And for the outsiders, 50 pesos.Walk ahead and you'll see a public pool.Mini stores are all over the place but I suggest you to bring your own "baons" because foods there are of limited choice and high priced.

Ecopark is the perfect place for nature tripping inside the metro. You can have your spot anywhere but I guess you'd be picky like we did..We didn't stopped walking until we found this rice terraces-like field.


As we opened Laisa's gifts for us!

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We forgot to bring cards and more of anything for leisure so we took and took pictures (our addiction) and make fun of each other as we would always do.

having a picnic and talks would already consume you HOURS, and so it's better if you could come there a little earlier for other activities.

There you'll find a butterfly garden(20/ pax) that in any way I would never enter. But for those who appreciate butterflies, i guess you'll find a haven there.

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Along the way going back to the main entrance, there's this long stairs which will lead you to a view of the dam. On the sides are filled with colorful flowers, and when you reach the top, it's not only breathtaking because you're running out of breath but because of the scenic view of the park from above.

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Outside the park are adventures awaiting. Bikes for rents, boating which I guess is under the supervision of superferry(100 per hour regardless of the people who'd be in the boat), wall climbing(50 pesos for an attempt), horse riding,paintball and many more!

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Visit there site for more infos and directions to the park

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