Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bagnet 8065

Sometimes after school, my sister would brought in Bagnet for everyone. The one she used to bring was so crisp from the skin up to the meat itself. Every bite is sinful and I feel like every piece is a minus to the total number of my years here on earth. =p


I missed those times so I tried Bagnet 8065 with Mimi. The place was the type wherein students near  Taft, Manila would spend their lunch or dinner on an ordinary day basis. We also have this kind of "tambayan" near our University in Intramuros. 



The menu was limited to bagnet, of course, some other unique renditions of bagnet, Fish and chicken.

I was eager for the Kare-Kare Bagnet but it's not available at the moment so I had Binagoongang Bagnet(P120), instead.  I love the simple taste of the sauce and it gave no itch in my tongue..The skin was real crisp but I think the meat needs a bit enhancement.


Mimi always order for the plain ones (P115)..


Single order comes with rice and soup


Then we had their Frozen  Buko Pandan (P55) to cleanse and sweeten our palate. 


Mimi and I while eating bagnet on a rainy aftie.=)


Bagnet 8065
Leon Guinto St., Taft, Manila
Near La Salle


June | Life and Spices said...

Just had a talk about this place earlier..Is this in Makati? Mimi is a beauty.

angge said...

they had another branch in makati but this one's located in manila..near la salle taft.

Joyce decena said...

Mimi is so beautiful! :)

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