Friday, January 30, 2015

Ramen Nagi Hype!

The Ramen Hype started when the classic light taste was turned into something richer by Ramen Nagi. Customization also came in so everything floating in your ramen is all you.

We tried their Mall of Asia Branch which is quite small for their growing number of patrons.Expect to wait even on regular days..

If you're not really sure about the choices better ask the staff because the taste of you ramen is at stake here...seriously.hahaha!

I don't want one to lay the other out so as much as possible, I stick to Normal except that I want my ramen on super garlic mode and my noodles hard.:)

Butao King (P390) - For those who want to play safe, here's the simplest of them all. :)

Green King (P410)- Called it the Italian Ramen because the taste is so similar with that of a Pesto. This one's creamy with grated parmesan on top!

Black King (P410) - I was so hesitant on having this because anything black doesn't seem so appetizing for me..But I still tried it for something new.:)

The Calamari Ink with overpowered garlic taste is my new crush now! Be sure to pair your ramen with their pork belly and I promise you that every fat you'll gain here is so worth it.:)

Like my blog's layout, I know there's something else that's changed here so I'll leave you with my Magic Friends. :P

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