Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

According to most references, Big Bang is defined as a Cosmological model that describes the early development of universe.  But some reference like my heart defines Bigbang as the Number 1 K-pop male group ever!They are composed of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung.

And like my love for Big Bang, my hearts pumps evidently stronger for Samsung than for any other Mobile Brands worldwide. It's because they never fail to amaze me and all the people in this galaxy with all their products.  Their New Fantastic Baby, The Samsung Galaxy S III has extraordinary features like a Brilliant 4.8" HD Super AMOLED Display, S Beam Feature, Buddy Photo Share, AllShare Play, S Voice, Motion Gestures and TecTiles, and an 8.0 megapixel camera. Truly, this is one of the best gadgets in our lifetime!

Samsung cares for each and everyone's personality and individuality when they made S3 with not just a single color but instead, made a variety of unique colors inspired by Nature.. Big Bang may be a group but they all have their own personality and characteristics and in this post, let me tell you which Samsung Galaxy SIII fits best for them.

Daesung- Marble White

Among all the five members, daesung is the most simple yet his smile radiates to his members and with the people around him. He is the mood maker of the group. His smile gives a positive and light feeling which no one can resist. Together with his angelic smile, his voice soothes and calms everyone’s heart. With all the  tragic things that  happened to him in the past, we can still see his heart’s goodness and pureness. Surely daesung is an angel sent from above!

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TOP- Garnet Red

One of Samsung Galaxy's S3 colors is garnet red. It is inspired from almandite garnet gemstone that was used by the ancient Egyptian who believed in confined protective powers. And just like it, TOP acts as a protective shield to his members. He may not be too vocal about it but he silently watches each member and thus everyone respects him so much. Garnet red is also a color that symbolizes charisma and elegance. Top’s hypnotizing eyes up to his manly voice makes everyone’s heart stutter!  And when he walks, he exudes a burning charisma. TOP looks good in whatever he wears especially in suit.In fact, he was named one of the best guys to wear it. TOP truly represents a guy with grace and elegance. No wonder everyone gets “HIGH HIGH” on this man.



Seungri- Sapphire Black

“VVIP” as he calls himself, Seungri always try to show sophistication to prove he is already a grown-up just like his favorite color (black) symbolizes. Sapphire black is used by the ancient people of India and Persia for protection with the belief that it strengthens one’s will  and power. Seungri almost not made it to bigbang but with his strong will, he showed YG’s president that he is worthy to be part of the group. He practiced day and night and now he is one of the idol maknae’s we all love. He may be hard headed sometimes and gets into lot of controversies but still he stands and shouts out that he still has a lot to show. And with his wide connection to celebrities, this adorable maknae is truly a VVIP!



Taeyang- Titanium Gray

Titanium gray symbolizes intelligence, insight, modernity and wisdom.. All which taeyang possess. He maybe shy and quiet  but his wisdom in life makes all his members run into him whenever they need an advice especially when they need a real friend. His musical talent and intelligence name him as the next “RAIN”. He always gives us new moves and fresh music that earned him numerous awards. Just like his other name SOL which means “sun”, surely he will shine more and have a brighter future with his members. One thing though, at this time of his life he needs to experience love just like his song “I need a girl”.



G-Dragon- Amber Brown

Samsung got inspired from amber, a gemstone that sometimes contain fossils that was believed to sustain secrets of the earth’s inside thus,  they decided to make it as one of its Galaxy S III colors. And if I were to choose what S III G-dragon represents this will be it.

GD from the day he debut never fails to amaze everyone. Like an amber containing precious fossils, GD contains every single piece of talent when it comes to music.For me, He is never afraid to try different and new things from the clothes he choose to wear to the lyrics he write in every song he makes. GD has a piece of everything; he is a singer, a musician, a producer, an endorser, a fashionista and a leader. And whenever he or they made a comeback, they bring something new and unbelievable things to Korean music industry. All of these made me think “how did they came up with that?” or “how did they pull it off?” .At his young age, he accomplished a lot of things like in the Korean music industry, he is one of the top persons with most copyrights. GD is a person full of surprises that makes me fall deeply into him. For me, he is not just an idol but a true musician, a musical genius and surely “ONE OF A KIND!”



Bigbang- Pebble Blue

Each member represents each color, and when they got together they represent another color- marble blue. It is a masculine color that symbolizes heaven and sea. Bigbang is not just any male k-pop group, they are a group composed of 5 musically gifted and talented men that are ready to show the world what REAL music is. A music that can inspire and touch one’s heart, a music that can break barriers!



With all these, I am very ecstatic on the 24th of October to meet these 5 beautiful guys and be "ALIVE"  once more. I like to thank YG and Samsung for choosing Philippines as one of their concert destinations. Thank you guys for “Bringing BIGBANG into our GALAXY!”

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