Friday, August 31, 2012

Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

Right now, someone is dreaming of a hot red sports car, or maybe a house and lot at an exclusive village, or for the last time, an instant win at today's lottery. But as for me, who had dreamt nothing but food, I dream that one day I would be able to go at Bistro Filipino and dine there with my friends.. I had known about Chef Laudico and good  to best reviews of his restaurant for a very very long time  but I don't know why until  now, I wasn't able to try his classic dishes. That's too sad and unfortunate at the same time, I know.


And now that  I got the chance to be a part of "The Chef's Dinner Party" by Chef Lau and Colgate, I would definitely do my super best until my last creative neuron comes to its final spark just to be one of the 15 lucky bloggers to get exclusive passes on that special night!


Aside from being a dream come true, Being a part of this party MEANS A LOT for a beginning Food Blogger like me.. I couldn't break the thoughts or emotions of that phrase into pieces but I know you already know what I mean. It's a definite night I could treasure and share if ever I would be chosen. And at Last, my forever Longing for a Bistro Filipino Experience would soon be finally over.


My life as a food blogger is all about craving.. Craving for the next restaurant or dish to try. It's total fun  if you would think of it.. Hopping from one restaurant to another, Comparing this salad from that salad, new foodie finds everyday and to sum it up, I'm more than aware that too much can cause me real bad effects.


Heart attack, diabetes, organ malfunctions takes too much time to develop for someone like me but If we're talking about "Right away", quick or Instant pain or discomfort then obviously, a food blogger's Number 1 enemy is Tooth Sensitivity!Yikes!


 In switching from one type of food to another, it's impossible to get away from tooth sensitivity so as a Nurse and someone who got used to it all the time, I formed my own "NO TO SENSITIVE TEETH PROGRAM".


1.  I brush my teeth like always and forever. I do it gently but thoroughly! I had known that too much pressure when brushing teeth can cause gum receding, a big factor that contributes to tooth sensitivity.

toothbrush_by_valdemarrr copy

2.  As much as I can, I do avoid carbonated drinks, and too much sweet or sugar-filled products. Good thing I can't tolerate too much sweetness and not much a dessert person.

Macro_Cola_by_marocain-1 copy

3. Nobody wants a floss on their work but if we talk about oral hygiene, I don't care if I floss most of the time.=)

4. Use the best oral tool. I don't mind the price if quality will suffer that's why I use only soft-bristle toothbrush and change it within the required period of usage to achieve desired effects.


5.And lastly, I use The only Toothpaste made specially for sensitive teeth, none other than Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief!

CSPR-WHITENING-2D.jpg.crop_display copy

Now that's how I deal with sensitive teeth! With Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, I have no worries in my daily activities as a food enthusiast!

Here's the one person I want to meet at The Chef's Dinner Party!



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