Monday, February 20, 2012

“Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!”

Dear Nuffnang,

Although "5" seems a little bit too small for a number or too short to count, I know that what's important is how happy and productive you've been through those years. With that young age of yours, you inspired people of all ages..And without a sweat you made a fast growing community out of your humble hands..You are truly a blessing for all the bloggers like me and in exchange, I promise to be with you as you grow the most exciting moments of your life where in people will dig into you as if all of them were your number one fan and also, in your downed moments when people won't even care to pay you a visit.

I also knew that this is your day..That I should stop the drama and Pop the confetti, instead but these words are the only thing I could give..And for sure you know that I'm giving the best of me!

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!


Always yours,


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