Wednesday, November 16, 2011


WHY ME?It's not just for a simple reason that I so much love to eat and blogging is what I do best..Of course, there are a lot of reasons deeper than that and I am about to enumerate them here.
1.I have a great Passion to share every Filipino dishes I've tasted to Pinoy and Foreign readers all through Blogging - I am very much confident to tell the world how great Filipino dishes are!So unique, rich in flavors and undeniably mouth-wathering! I take a lot of photos of every single detail from where I’ve been, my adventures, experiences and of course, foods because I know that Humans are visually stimulated individuals. Photos from Pamana, Tagaytay - With their specialty Three - way Adobo!
2. I never stop searching for the Best Filipino Foods and Restaurants - No matter how bumpy the roads are or how long will it take, my hunger and drive to taste every Filipino specialty will not fade!I never get contented on restaurants found in malls because I know that the best finds are like gems..Hidden and hard to find!=) Have a calm and relaxing weekend at Casa San Pablo, Laguna with Pinoy-style dining for breakfast,lunch and dinner!
3. Blogging completely defines me. - I started blogging during my high school days but the focus was about my teenage life. I stopped when I entered college then got back with a new concept: Food Blogging. I guess I was destined to be a food blogger since I'm not really afraid to taste everything and I'm not really conscious, too about my figure!haha! Blogging is what makes me happy and this is one of my transparent ways for people to know me more.. This Yummy Lumpiang Sariwa from Mangan defines me too: Simple and yet, loved by many.=)
4. I am a very very very Proud Filipino! - My love for my country is one of my ultimate inspirations that keeps me going in the blogging world. Be Proud just like how Barbara's show our dynamic cultural dances and cook authentic Pinoy dishes like this tender and juicy bacalao!
5. I love Filipino Foods the way I love my country - I like it that I have a universal taste and that means I enjoy dishes from different countries but even so, I must admit whole-heartedly that Filipino dishes stands out among all I've tasted. Our rich culture reflects on how we make our dishes appetizing and delicious at the same time. And we have to face the truth "na kakaiba talaga ang mga Pagkaing Pinoy!", Imagine, Thousands and Thousands of People all over the world visit Philippines just to have a taste of one of our Prides. And with the Warm Hospitality that goes with the food,it’s not only your tummy that gets happy but your mind and heart as well.. Ang Patok na Patok na Chicken BBQ in honey patis sauce!

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