Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iza loves Devangelic Shop!

Recently, I got amazed after I found out that one of my favorite Bieber Jacket can be customized and made to fit me for a worthy amount. I so love our local customizers!And just so we're speaking of customizing, I'd like to feature one Cosplay costume maker that my friend loves and had been a faithful customer ever since her first dress from the shop.=) You don't have to search the streets of the world finding cosplay costumes when you can customize it to fit you and at your own liking and style with Devangelic Shop!
Here's what my Friend, Clariza Quinto told about Devangelic Shop: "Their prices are affordable and very much worthy for their product..Truly Professional when dealing with their clients..They will follow every single detail you want your dress to be..Plus, no need to worry since they're very considerate with your budget because installment's allowed. And lastly, They have so much passion in what they do that's why all their creations are lovely and amazing. Now, I'm not just a cosplay fanatic, but also devangelic's forever client"


dawn said...

havey friend!!! :)
bongga u ah!!!

Clariza D.R. Quinto said...

thank you ate angge

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