Friday, August 12, 2011

Nuffnang and Pizza Hut's Aliens and Cowboys!

One of the greatest decisions I made when it comes to blogging is that I joined Nuffnang community. Recently, Cowboys and Aliens' Special Screening was held at Gateway Sponsored by Pizza Hut with their new campaign Hot on the Dot.


I've met a lot of bloggers and it's like they're so interested about your blog info..=) Finger foods are served courtesy of Pizza Hut, of course. It's composed of Chicken Strips, Fries and Mozzarella Sticks with their complimentary sauce. I know it's a bit awkward but we all had our second round!hehe!


Anyways, going back to Pizza Hut, I think that their new strategy would click and work for everyone. Imagine, just to prove that their pizza is 100% hot upon delivery, they invented the thermo-regulated sticker that turns its color to white when it's hot and goes back to being black when the surface's not hot!The one that's here has not yet changed except middle sticker since it will took a while to change color.


Nobody wants a cold pizza!Yan ang sigaw ng Pizza Hut delivery men!=P


The Movie: Cowboys vs. aliens - At First, it was a bit boring and I felt that it was so out of my generation considering it's about "cowboys". But as it goes on, i got busy watching on what will happen next..It was worth-while for us plus the free popcorn,drinks and PIZZA!I know my friend here really enjoyed the moment!



I had a total of four free tickets but I only consumed 3 for Mimi,Dawn and I.Sayang wala ang pinakamamahal kong si Krinessa.hahaha!



I was really happy this night and I'm hoping for a lot more nuffnang events to come.



dawn said...

i would like to congrats myself dahil nde blurred ang pics taken ko.. haha.. tnx friend for inviting me ah.. till next movie.. :)

magi said...

Great photos! Thanks for posting.

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