Sunday, June 12, 2011

LG Optimus defines GENIUS.


Everyday, a smartphone is being born just because it's the trend and now it's getting boring cause they're all the same. Ever wonder when will something "exceptional" come?Something so different and brilliant that it comes to a point you're gonna call it GENIUS? Well, I was searching the net to search for something GENIUS next to Einstein or probably close to him and guess what I found..It's LG's World's Firsts: Optimus 2x and optimus Black.


Definitely,Undeniably,Surely, I am no Genius but I know what a Genius is made of.So let me share to you how a smartphone can be considered GENIUS.

1.It should be extraordinary. Compared to those single core smartphones, I would really feel extraordinary if I had an Optimus 2x because of its dual core processor by Nvidia.This could make my web browsing experience so perfect! I'm a certified blogger and I update my blog like an addict so the speed performance really matters to me. A smartphone with a dual core processor?that alone is PURE GENIUS.


2. It must be a Superhero with Multitasking powers. I am part of today's generation and one thing unique with us is Multitasking.We tend to explore all things at the same time.This doesn't get far with gadgets, I think I'll get along well with the Optimus 2x since it can handle opening and operating a lot of applications at the same time still by using Tegra 2, which is NVIDIA’s mobile dual-core processor!I can play my favorite song, google the latest happenings,check my blog comments,mails and open my nursing apps like NCLEX reviewers with no hang-ups and with instantaneous touch response!Wow!I'll be so overwhelmed with that!The LG Optimus Smartphone would really be my SUPERHERO!


3. It must be Perfectly Clear! - Taking Pictures will always be part of blogging because Humans are said to be visually stimulated. I have my own DSLR which is a D60 and though it leaves me a good impression at every click, I admit that it's so bulky and heavy for someone who is a Lite traveller like me.With LG Optimus 2x's 8 megapixel camera, I surely wouldn't mind choosing it over my DSLR with just a little difference when it comes to the megapixels. It's because If I have this Genius Phone, I can bring it anywhere and anytime!,No hassles and bodyaches from carrying DSLRS, I get the best quality photos a smartphone could ever offer plus the front camera of LG Optimus is unbelievably at 1.3 megapixels compared to others that are only VGA!Now it's PERFECTLY CLEAR to me that LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black are not just like any other smartphones...they're GENIUS.


4. It must give you the Ultimate Gaming experience! - Of all the Genius features of LG Optimus 2x, I'm most excited about it's console-like gaming experience because 50% of my phone usage goes to my gaming applications, I always dream of having a phone and a gaming console combined on a single gadget. I get hooked up easily with games especially when a phone has great specs and quality in gaming. So, even if you lay me down on a bed of smartphones, There's no doubt that I'll choose LG Optimus 2x because it is the only one that can give me the Ultimate Gaming experience I'm looking for!


5. It must be the BRIGHTEST!- Nobody wants to live in darkness and LG Optimus Black is giving us the light!With 700 nits of brightness in a 4-inch Nova display, I'm gonna see all what I have to see!Dim lights make my eyes ache so for me..this is really the solution to my problem-The LG Optimus Black.And not only that!although it lights up like a supernova, still it is said to be energy efficient with 1,500,mAh battery!No frequent charging, No hassles on where to charge outdoor and another simple way to save the earth from global warming!Now who's shining brightly in my eyes?It's LG Optimus Black!


6.It must visualize life in full hd! - At 1080p full hd video of LG Optimus, nothing ever comes close!I've never felt in love with a gadget but now I'm starting to..LG once again proved that nothing is impossible!If I have this smartphone, I cannot just use photos during my food trips for my blog but also I can now feature it in video!Yipee!And when I got home, I'll play it over and over using the HDMI interface!All I have to do is use the HDMI cable and plug it to our TV.


7. It must be the fittest! - By this, I mean it literally. LG optimus Black's size is only 9.2mm with a weight of 109g. It's just like carrying your favorite chocolate pack! The features of a full - upgraded computer all in this lightweight genius?OH MY.It's like I'm Doraemon.=) I'll have everything on my pocket without getting tired from carrying.


8. It must have a HUGE memory - With LG optimus 2x you'll get an internal memory of 8gb and up to 32gb with a memory card!That's a lot of free space!When I go on my food and travel trip, I usually accumulate around 200 pictures at each destination. With this gigantic kind of memory, I don't have to erase some pictures or my favorite songs nor great applications just to make them fit my phone's memory. Always remember that A genius can't be called one if it doesn't have a HUGE memory.=p


9. It must be worth it. - I believe in the saying that "We get what we pay for" and every people don't want to pay excessively for something that is not worth it. Consider that the LG Optimus 2x or black is somehow expensive but what is the word expensive compared to all the Genius features of these smartphones? Or let's take it the other way around, buy an upgraded laptop or PC, a dslr, A game console, a smartphone and a videocam worth P100,ooo or buy an LG Optimus phone which has it all and slash off all the big expenses from the prices of those big gadgets.For someone practical like me, I'd go for the LG Optimus Phones.A wise decision that is!

si_Rizal_at_ang_Yosi_by_eseyareyeych copy

If and only if you've noticed, all the qualifications to be called "Genius" are in LG Optimus 2x and Black so no one should disagree with the world that both are PURE GENIUS. To tell you honestly, I'm drooling while I'm writing this cos I'm Imagining what if these genius phones are in my own hands and I'm using it like forever.=p


Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

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