Tuesday, May 31, 2011

“Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening”

Are we talking about First Class? Then we're exactly talking about Nuffnang and Hapee!


There are a lot of advertising websites that offer you what is best for "them". And that's why I chose my one and only Nuffnang because they offer what is best for "you".They had these updates for your blog to help you in managing it, they have blog contests that let you win cool prizes and it squeezes all the creative juices in me to be the best blogger I can be..And most importantly, they treat you like a family and that makes Nuffnang a FIRST CLASS for me!


Filipinos are said to be FIRST CLASS and so "ang mga gawang PINOY ay FIRST CLASS din". And with this phrase, Hapee Toothpaste didn't let our nation down because it's really a FIRST CLASS PRODUCT.

Hapee toothpaste has always been a Filipino Pride ever since and receiving a lot of awards like the "Most Outstanding Toothpaste Manufacturer of the Year" since 90's. They made every Filipino Family smile each and every year so it's no doubt that FIRST CLASS is equal to the word "HAPEE".

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