Monday, July 19, 2010

Basics: Angge's blogging tools

I’m Angge, a 20 yr. old nursing graduate, I love to blog about food and places (as it shows in me physically.=p) and one of my inspirations is “Our Awesome Planet by Sir Anton”. Blogging is not bragging. It’s about sharing your experience to people and letting them know how good that experience is and the next thing you’d know is that they’re sharing already their experience at that same place at your blog..

I love life.I love my family. I love my friends. Nothing can stop me from sharing this good life God has given me.=)

Here are some blog basics you need to know from me: my blogging tools!

Blog Hosting: Blogger
I started blogging about my high school life using blogger because it’s FREE and wouldn’t require special computer skills to make the site look nice. I entered college and I forgot blogging..but when I first saw your blog (OAP) in search to find a good place to eat, my heart was reopened for blogging (using blogger all the way!)but this time it’s all about food and places because that’s what makes me happy the most.=)


Digital Camera: Pentax K100d and a vintage Vivitar 285hv external flash
I quit drumming and sold my drumset just to buy a Sony W50, my first point-and-shoot camera. My Tatay saw me taking pictures of anything and anybody at any given point in time..the next thing I knew is that I have this classic dslr on my hands given to me by Nanay and Tatay. From then on, I got more inspired through my journey because I have good pictures to keep..


Manual Tool: A Handy Notebook
I always bring my handy notebook to take note of everything we had after every experience (the food we ordered,price, and of course I also take note of our happy moments together so it also serves as my diary). As of now, I’m on my 2nd notebook because my first one is filled already..


Laptop: Acer Aspire 4730Z
Nanay and Tatay bought me this laptop for my research class..Well, actually I used it barely for that purpose(laughs). I use this mostly for picture – editing,making graphics, and making scratch entries for my blog posts.. I really don’t need an expensive laptop, though this one’s cheap, It makes me happy using it all the time!

Photo Editing and Hosting tool: Photoshop CS3 and Flickr
Pictures MATTER in my blog..Great photos have great impact on readers as we are visually stimulated beings..I am so much comfortable with CS3 when it comes to editing with a touch of lightroom. I fix my photos just by adding contrast to some dull shots. I also care about the resolution when transferring photos to my blog so I chose Flickr.Great and free!

Here are some of my works using my loved software:



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