Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gong Cha Disappointment

I was hoping for a real good milk tea time after Mexicali so we headed straight to Gong Cha. I was really excited to taste their milk tea because I've read good reviews about it and rated them #1 among the sprouting milk tea stores today.

nuffnang 056

There were only a few customers when we got there and minutes passed, the line went crazy and I knew back then that the product's quality will be sacrificed as the Gong Cha crew were struggling to serve each of our orders.

nuffnang 059

I had the Large Gong Cha Milk Chocolate (P110) + P15 fo the pearls - I left this unfinished since the milk tea almost tasted like melted ice considering that Mimi made its sugar level at 100! And although the pearls were so soft, they were tasteless. This is soooOOo forgettable.


Mimi had the Ice Cream chocolate (P120) - She said this was just ok.

Sip's Milk Teas are better and I hope you could try it. I'll post a blog post about it soon.

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