Monday, February 21, 2011

Angge meets chinatown!

Blogging about fancy restaurants and cool stuffs are so00o "nakakaumay na", why not let's make it a bit rugged but rich in culture sometimes? Dawn and I went to china town for an adventure and surely that's what we got. With a little background of the place, we walked straight, literally..never turning left or right cos we might get lost (that's a really cool idea from dawn).This place has ways of separating itself from the real "Maynila".The place seems old but organized, I feel no worries walking on the streets except being lost. We were amazed because everything was so new to us. Hooray for the newbies at chinatown!

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First Stop: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant
Is this the place everyone was talking about?All was just okay not until we had their fried chicken..Dawn and I was convinced there was magic in it!crazy ha? It was ordinary for my eyes but not for my tastebuds..It's so juicy and I was searching for the hard parts but there was none!The chicken was soft and addictive!For this experience, P150 would really mean cheap for you.



We also had their lumpiang sariwa (P40) which was also great..but if I have known that another restaurant makes it their specialty, I wouldn't order at Sincerity na..


Sincerity for Dawn and Angge: SWAK!

Second Stop: Dong Bei Dumplings
The place was small and not as welcoming as we expect but let's just laugh it out! Dumplings here would cost you P80 for 10pcs and P100 for 14pcs.



My eyes got stucked on how they made their dumplings and it's a lot of work and time and my partner and I would just swipe the 10pcs in a matter of seconds..=)



The Wong Lo Kat Herbal drink was our favorite!Look at Dawn's Face..So happy!


The bad side here is about the Dong Bei's hygiene practices..If I were so concerned about cleanliness, I'd mind skipping this because the place was a little disaster and the one whom i gave our payment didn't bother washing her hands before going back in the making of dumplings when she had already collected money from the customers..that's an eew!

Considering the food at dong bei, this will still be: SWAK!

Third Stop: Chinese - Labelled Popsicles (P25)
Just flavorful but nothing special.We're just amazed of the chinese wrapper!


For something new: SWAK!

Fourth Stop: Wai Ying Fastfood
There were a lot of people eating inside when we got there..The roasted duck display was appealing enough to attract customers. Another blog - buzzed at chinatown..We asked about their best - seller and one of it was the chicken mushroom (P110). We were excited about it and when it's in a metal bowl like that of a dog's with 3 pieces of pale chicken meat and 2 small I could just show the expression of being dismayed and dissapointed.



My Favorite: Century Egg (P20)


The staff we're accommodating but for the food we had, this is:LIGWAK!

Btw, restaurants would give you a welcome tea.

Fifth Stop: Sugarcane Juice(P35)
Dawn bought me this and I loved it!lalo na pag sobrang cold!thanks dawn!

Refreshing!: SWAK!

Sixth Stop: Fried Siopao (P16)
During our walk, I noticed this store selling Fried Siopao but ignored it, we went back on our way home, gave our full attention but too bad ubos na!
Aww.. we missed it, anyway, they said it's masarap so I'll set my mind the way it should be.

Seventh Stop: Eng Bee Tin
This is redundant! everywhere I look, there's Eng Bee tin..As a token of appreciation, Dawn bought me an Ube Hopia.Sarap!

I was really happy this day because I had visited 2 churches because for a very long time now, I've not visited any. Plus, I explored China town with Dawn AND while we are being crazy on the street, the result of the board exam was out
and thank God we've made it!I'm now a registered Nurse!Yipee!

Thank you so much friend!Saya no?


dawn said...

friend ang bilis ah... thank you so much sa lakwatsa natin!!! :))

nxt time ulit sa susunod liliko na tau...

dawn said...

uy friend 25 lang ung sugarcane juice... tubo ka pa jan... hahahaha...

angge said...

hahahah!sorry naman friend!wala kasi akong kopya dba nasau?

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